Withdrawal for Germany

This part of the documentation describes the withdrawal flow for Germany.

We currently do not support KYC for the German market. Therefore there are some mandatory bank account details to be included within the withdrawal request. It is of high importance that you verify the iban account number before adding it into your request.


For Germany a bank_account of type iban (with fields account_number, first_name and last_name) is required. Please get in touch if that does not fit your use case.

// required
  "country_code": "DE",
  "site_display_name": "Best Website.com",
  "ref": "merchant-transaction-ref",
  "amount": "100.00",
  "currency": "EUR",
  "site": "example.com",
  "success_url": "https://example.com/return_path/transaction_identifier",
  "failure_url": "https://example.com/return_path/transaction_identifier",
  "close_url": "https://example.com/return_path/transaction_identifier",
  "bank_account": {
    "type": "iban",
    "account_number": "DE89370400440532013000",
    "first_name": "John",
    "last_name": "Smith"
  // optional
  "notification_url": "https://example.com/return_path/transaction_identifier",
  "account_ref": "CustomerRefOnMerchantSide",
  "email": "bobben@example.com",
  "locale": "de",
  "mobile_phone": "+49700000000",


All responses will include the full withdrawal object sent within your request. This is pointed out with the […] in below documentation.

  "id": "6a734480-a051-4a05-8405-ac2d8f49102f",
  "state": "authorized",
  "user_form_url": "https://toh.zimpler.net/v4/callbacks/5c2ce36d-cf4b-4b8b-9930/success",
  "user_id": null,
  "kyc_info": null,

# POST /v4/withdrawals/:id/approve

Note: Amount has to be the same as provided in the POST /v4/withdrawals.


  // required
  "amount": "100.00"


    "state": "approved"

# POST /v4/withdrawals/:id/reject


    "state": "rejected"

# GET /v4/withdrawals/:id

Will return the full transaction object with the current state.