Withdrawal to Company account

This type of withdrawal enables payouts to companies. The iban number to where the money should be transferred is to be included within the request. Since there’s no end-user involved no KYC will be performed. Therefore it is of high importance that you verify the iban account number before adding it into your request.


# POST /v4/company_withdrawals


  // required
  "amount": "1.00",
  "bank_account": {
    "type": "iban",
    "account_number": "SE0000000000000000000000"
  "country_code": "SE",
  "currency": "SEK",
  "ref": "merchant-transaction-ref",
  "site": "example.com",
  "company_registration_number": "5514-1302", 
  "company_name": "Example Name",
  // optional
  "account_ref": "CustomerRefOnMerchantSide",
  "payment_prefix": "A1B2C3"


All responses will include the full withdrawal object sent within your request. This is pointed out with the […] in below documentation.

The state will always be approved since no KYC is being performed.

# Payload

    "id" : "66b396a5-6e4e-4d3f-b3c3-1ef69d0f9875",
    "state" : "approved",
    "created_at" : "2021-02-04T07:30:49Z",
    "approved_at": "2021-02-04T07:30:49Z"

# POST /v4/company_withdrawals/:id/approve

Note: Amount has to be the same as provided in the POST /v4/company_withdrawals.


  // required
  "amount": "100.00"


Response has same structure as the POST /v4/company_withdrawals

# GET /v4/company_withdrawals/:id

Will return the current state of the withdrawal. Structure is same as POST /v4/company_withdrawals